The Octonion RPN Calculator

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CAUTION: You must RE-INITIALIZE the calculator after changing the default settings in Row 1.

C= Triads:
Octonion RPN Calculator
Register 2 Register 1 Top Register

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Fano Plane Code compliments of Bruce Gray

You may download an offline standalone version of this calculator here

A worked example of use

To illustrate one of the Moufang identities using randomly generated entries, for example Z(X(ZY)) = ((ZX)Z)Y, perform the following operations:

  1. Select random vectors X, Y and Z
    1. INPUT X STO
    2. INPUT Y STO
    3. INPUT Z STO
  2. Perform the operations on the left side of the identity
    1. Z RCL ENTER (Since Z should already be in the register, you don't actually have to recall it.)
    2. Y RCL × ENTER
    4. Z RCL SWAP ×
  3. Store the result
    1. A STO
  4. Perform the operations on the right side of the identity
    1. Z RCL ENTER
    2. X RCL × ENTER
    3. Z RCL × ENTER
    4. Y RCL × ENTER
  5. Subtract the result obtained on the left side of the identity. Result should be 0 (allowing for tiny round off errors of order 10-14).
    1. A RCL –

Please contact me if you locate a bug. Include instructions on how to reproduce the error.

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